I Am Not Okay


          Stuck in dissonance between what inhibits us and our desire to be unapologetically ourselves can be isolating. For some, that dissonance offers a place of safety and reflection in our time of need. That place can also be a cage that becomes hard to escape without knowing how to take it off. I create pieces for specific areas of the body where anxiety and self-hate form. These introspective representations harness the power of intrusive obsessions to transform our perception of self. 

          The materials hold personal history, representing the confined and restricted emotions which are then repurposed into wearable items. The final pieces unravel the source of frustrations, then transform them into extensions of the body. Each piece is an exploration of how we wear masks to process the outside world. Thin black lines of the metal engulf our solace, pulling silently on the skin as they obstruct moments of flickering clarity. We wear the weight of our worry, looking for resolve in the softness of our aesthetic prison.


"Masked" 2020        Mixed metal, textile


"Word Vomit" 2020      Mixed metal, textiles

"Thoughts" 2021 Mixed metal, textiles


"Nailbiter" 2020      Copper, hosiery, fabric dye